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Zcash Mining Hardware

What hardware is best to mine with?

This question is not easily answered because there are many improvements in hardware and software happening on almost a weekly basis. To start, mining falls into one of three general categories

zcash mining

CPU mining – using your computers Processor (CPU) to mine
GPU mining – building a computer with one or several Graphics Cards (GPU) to mine
ASIC mining – buying a specialized piece of hardware that is designed for Zcash

At the beginning you could effectively mine Zcash with just a CPU, but due to advancements in software GPU’s have a huge advantage over CPU’s. You can still use a CPU to mine but your return will be very low, so all of the serious miners use GPU rigs. GPU miners will often fall into one of two camps:

AMD- Advanced Micro Devices brand GPU’s
Nvidia – Nvidia Brand GPU’s
Both brands of GPU can be good at mining Zcash depending on the model. However with the recent introduction of ASIC miners it is clear that ASICS have a big advantage over GPU rigs. For GPU rigs it will take some research to find what the Cost/Performance/Electricity consumption trade-offs are. Here a list of places to start:

GPU Hardware Benchmarks

Zcash Wikibooks
Zcash Forums

Choosing the right Motherboard/GPU(s)/Power supply/Memory combination and buying the components is the first step in getting Zcash mining with a GPU rig.

You can figure out how much your rig/machine will earn with these calculators:

Mining Profit Calculators

I have put together a few videos that you may find helpful below. If your looking for a good written step-by-step tutorial I recommend this one. Building a good GPU rig will also give you the ability to mine other crypto-currencies like Ethereum.

The next step for Zcash Mining will be to choose the right Software for your rig!